Quarter Beef Share - Reservation Only

Flourish & Roam

Reservation for 2021
This $125 is for the deposit only.

Amount will be applied to the final purchase price which is due upon pickup.
$4.18/pound hanging weight includes beef and all processing fees.

NEW for 2021: 1/4 Beef shares will get processed using our standard processing: Steaks cut 1" thick, Bone-In Ribeyes, New York Strips, Filets, Sirloin Steaks, Roasts (2lb each), Flank/Skirt steak, Brisket, Stew Meat, London Broil, Ground Beef with optional 1/3 lb beef patties up to 50% of ground. May include other variations such as mock tender and short ribs. Soup bones and organ meat available upon requests only. 

If you would like deviations from these selections we recommend purchasing a 1/2 beef. 

Average hanging weight for 1/4 beef is 192 pounds.
Total estimated 1/4 share price is $802.

All prices and weights for bulk beef are based on carcass hanging weight and include: 14-21 day dry-aging, cut to YOUR specifications, vacuum package, and beef patties.

Contact info@flourishroam.com for questions regarding qualifications.

This item is not eligible for shipping.

Due to differences of individual animals, final hanging weights will vary. Beef take-home weights are approximately 30-35% less than carcass hanging weigh due to trimming and deboning.

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